A life Decision

I had started practicing the piano. The lessons were confusing/frustrating at first but they said I had an ear for music and I figured knowing how to play an instrument is a positive accomplishment for becoming a well-balanced, wholesome human.

I only listening to classical music back then so the piano was in very good standing. Forget art for a while; I have the essential skills nailed already. Yes! I’d dedicate myself to learning music.

But days later it was a sad Saturday night and I longingly looked at the empty slab of wood, It demanded to be painted on. I had nothing else to do and dared to paint. As the brush created a wet shelf for the glass vase to stand on, beside ripe red tomatoes…I was overwhelmed with joy.

Forget Music; I was born to paint.

Nothing could compare to it. So it was with that humble slice of wood that I made the life decision to plunge into the visual arts and not dilute the journey with distractions.