Youtube censorship. Actualmente no se me permite ni bajar vídeos ni hacer Directas (live stream)

By Yadira Escobar on

Apparently the stuff I say on my Youtube channel was too much for some to handle. A few persistent haters have managed to sabotage the daily live streams by falsely reporting my content and the video sharing platform has placed me on a ban until mid summer. Intolerance, plain and simple. Censorship. Doesn’t matter; I’ll keep advocating for the same things, one way or another, whether it’s politically incorrect or just plain annoying to those that think Democracy applies only to like-minding friends and Liberty is only for the rich. They may gang up with hordes of fake profiles online to shut down dissent but we will not go away…Why supporting poor and working class families, defending access to universal healthcare or criticizing corporate welfare, regime change wars, etc. would prompt anyone to privately message me to kill myself…is beyond comprehension. After years of experiencing cyber-bullying, I understand the web can bring out an ugly abuser out of the emotionally immature but at least I’m satisfied by how our humble little campaign has ruffled so many feathers. If a law-abiding candidate cannot communicate with the public like everyone else, by being “punished” into a Siberian isolation on social media–at a moment when most campaigns are exiting the public plazas to stop the spread of Covid-19–isn’t it just another example of how powerful these private companies are at controlling the flow of information? When I was a little girl, my parents used to worry I was too silent, but once I finally started talking, there was no turning back…our rebellious microphones will continue to stay in service, irregardless of the medium through which we reach that hungry audience of charming misfits and unsatisfied objectors who want a better social contract.

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