First Rock climbing experience

By Yadira Escobar on

One of the things I simply cannot stand is how we put so much effort into capturing our life moments and then by either physical deterioration (either man-made or the elements), a simple software error or misplaced keystroke could erase forever your precious data.

There’s a cemetery of hard drives in my house, so the painful blow of data loss is all too familiar to me and a solid 50% of Americans would rather make horrible sacrifices like lose vacation time, give up beer & coffee and pay thousands of dollars to recapture missing files, so clearly its a big deal.

I wanted to share with you guys this short video of my first rock climbing experience, from a while back. The soldier showed us very quickly how to put on the gear and stuff and I ended up loving the challenge so much, I climbed all four sides!

The fact that I’m publishing this now should not induce anyone to draw any political conclusions whatsoever; we can all benefit from a little sport activity.

 NOTA: Al parecer en Radio Martí, o se arrepintieron de invitarme a uno de sus programas, o la persona (no voy a revelar su nombre), que es muy conocida en la comunidad cometió un error y tuvo una iniciativa no aprobada por sus jefes. Los comprendo, así que paso la página.


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